Hand Crafted International Wine Tours

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Wine for Life and Steve Thurlow have spent over 20 years creating a set of amazing hand crafted wine tours and cultural experiences that far exceed what the average traveller expects.

It does not matter whether you have lots of wine knowledge or are just beginning to develop a love for wine, these tours, that combine the experience of fine wine, gourmet regional cuisine and local cultural attractions, appeal to all.

  • The tours have all been intricately planned by Steve and are designed to show off the best of each region visited.

  • Steve leads every trip and has personally arranged every hotel, bus transfer, restaurant meal, winery visit, etc.

  • The tours are to places he himself has been many times. You will meet his friends who own wineries, manage vineyards and are responsible for making the wines.

  • He has stayed in every hotel at least once himself and most hotels have been on the tour for years.

  • When you come on a tour you will discover that he often knows the routes better than the bus drivers.

  • The same local guides have been guiding his tours around the historical sites, towns and villages for years.

He also has some linguistic talents. He is bilingual in French having lived in Paris for many years. He also spent almost a year in Peru and so has a good understanding of Spanish and has been known to simultaneously translate Italian winemakers, though he has his limits, so don't ask him to discuss philosophy, politics or soccer in Italian.

He ran the wine division of Canada's largest wine importer before starting his wine education activities and was the Education Director for IWEG for over a decade. IWEG delivers the International WSET wine and spirits education program in Ontario and has been educating the trade and wine/spirit lovers since 1977. Graduates of IWEG are among the “Who’s Who” of the Ontario and Canadian Alcohol Beverage Industries.

Steve is a partner and principal critic at Wine Align, one of the most read sources of wine information in Canada. Steve tastes wine for a living and takes folks with him when he visits wine regions. If you come on one of his tours statistically you are more than 40% likely to come on another. Many of his followers have been on most of the tours and some have taken the same tour more than once.

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